Diy Thirft Flip ft. Zendaya/ Alexander McQueen

Thrift Flip for Profit

I will show you how to recreate a similar version of the Zendaya Spider Man movie premiere outfit. It is an embellished grey blazer designed by Alexander McQueen. Below I will list links to some of the items I used. I thrifted my blazer. It is super easy to find a grey blazer in the thrift shop. I got mine from the mens section at my local thrift store.

Please excuse the quality of the photos, I took screen shot pictures from a tutorial video that I made. If you want the video version of this blog post, see my youtube video here

Tools you'll need.

I will link some of the items I used below.

Lets start out with a mens blazer of your color choice!



I thrifted my blazer from my local thrift store. I chose a mens blazer so that I can get the same oversized look as seen on Zendaya.

I first cut out my appliques from my mesh fabric using my wood burner. You can also cut them out with scissors but a wood burner gives you a more accurate finish and it is a lot faster to cut out.

Next, I laid cut out fabric over my blazer for placement.

Once I have found the proper placement for my fabric, I used my E6000 fabric glue to tack it down.

Add something heavy to your glued fabric so that it dries completely flat.

My fabric dried within an hour and a half. Drying time depends on the glue you use.

You can stop here if you are happy with this look but I wanted to add depth and dimension to this look. You can add small beads that you sew on as well as crystal flat back glue on beads.


Flat beads-

Rhinestone cord- here


My favorite addition to the blazer was the rhinestone cord that I glued on randomly throughout the intersections of the fabric.

Again I allowed everything to dry and my blazer was complete.


Creating earrings the easy way!

In order to create my earrings, I used my wood burner to cut out two small pieces of fabric that were the same shape.


I added some rhinestone crystal peel and stick to the back of the earrings to give it a more solid appearance and to sparkle from the back as earrings move.

 I then glued on three 3 inch rhinestone cord pieces to dangle from the earrings using my glue gun.  

 I took some old earrings that I never wear and removed the hooks in order to add on to my newly created earrings. 


I used the tip of the safety pin to puncture a hole where I would replace the earring hook.

All done!


Please use my Associate links.

Wood burner-

Flat backck crystals option 1 -

Crystals flat backs -

Fabric Glue (no heavy chemical smell) -

Rhinestone Cord-

Earring hooks-

Silverw Glitz Mesh Fabric for cut out appliqué-



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