Welcome to Zam Ghuden, a distinguished fashion studio founded by Designer Maria Cole. We offer a comprehensive range of services and resources for fashion enthusiasts alike. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in 3 key areas: An online shop, fashion photograph/ styling services, and an online creative space called 'The Upcycle' in our Zam Ghuden University. 


Our Mission

Elevating the African diaspora through positive and powerful imagery. In fashion, we redefine beliefs – what we see is who we become.

At Zam Ghuden, our mission is to foster a vibrant creative space, inspiring individuals from all creative backgrounds. We're dedicated to nurturing collaboration among creators, amplifying talents, and providing a platform where innovation is celebrated. Join us to ignite your inspiration and be part of a community that fuels artistic growth recognition and positive imagery.

Brand Influence

We are a visionary fashion brand that seamlessly blends the rich heritage of indigenous/tribal fashion with modern aesthetics and visions of the future, drawing inspiration from tribal fashion and afro-futurism.

We proudly showcase our in house exclusive product line from stylish apparel to accessories that complete the perfect look. Our collection of one-of-a kind creations are a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and style. We also pride ourselves on embracing sustainability and ethical practices where we can. We use a lot of recycled items and recreate them into creative repurposed apparel. 


Specializing in high fashion photography and special event, our skilled stylist collaborate with in house designers, photographers, make-up artist , a complete creative team ready to bring concepts to life. We ensure every photoshoot captures the essence of your vision.

The Upcycle at  ZG University

Complementing our services, our online fashion university is a fun hub of knowledge and inspiration. Our in person classes and online tutorials covers the creative process of developing a unique fashion design, guiding aspiring designers. With engaging lessons and practical assignments, our fashion university empowers students to develop their skills and pursue their passion for fashion.

Join us as we celebrate the artistry, creativity, and boundless possibilities that define the realm of fashion.